Common Injuries That Might Occur at Boarding Facilities and How Boarding Staff Help Prevent Those Injuries

Posted on: 9 March 2017

Taking your pet dog to a boarding facility can be wonderful and stressful at the same time. The thought of leaving your furry friend in the capable hands of trained staff can be relaxing but you may worry. Dogs are very agile animals and thus, there is always a slight possibility they might get injured during playing hours. However, this should not deter you from taking your furry friend to a good boarding facility as they are usually equipped with appropriate tools and skilled personnel trained to handle and prevent such situations from occurring. Their main priority is keeping your dog safe. Here are some of the common injuries that could occur at boarding facilities and how boarding staff can help prevent them.

Dog Bites- Fitting Them with Muzzles

  Dogs are very playful animals but at the same time can be very aggressive. They can switch from playing to fighting in a matter of seconds. In most facilities, dogs are allowed to play together and as much as they are clustered in groups of similar characteristics, the unpredictability of their nature can make them go at each other at any moment. However, this should not worry you as boarding care personnel often prevent such injuries from happening by fitting the canines with suitable muzzles. A muzzle is a protective cloth usually made of leather that covers the dog's muzzle and prevents it from inflicting injuries on itself or others.   

Scratches from Fences- Using Soft Wood Fences

Scratches from fences are somewhat of a normal occurrence when it comes to the furry friends. It can become difficult for the caretaker to monitor the activity of each and every dog as dogs are usually very agile hence often get scratched when they play near the fence. However, this could be prevented by investing in soft wood fences. Soft wood fences, as opposed to fences made out of wrought iron, are generally safer when it comes to protecting animals. Furthermore, ensuring the fences have smooth edges will prevent any further injuries whenever the dogs play near the fence.  

Ripped off Toenails- Using Clippers to Trim Toe Nails

Coming to pick your dog at the boarding facility and finding its paw dressed is also something that occurs more often than you think. If you find your dog with a dressed paw then it is likely that the injury came from having ripped off their toenails. Dogs often like to rip off their own toenails and it is not known why they do this. As a result, it leaves their paw bleeding and in much discomfort. However, there is no need to panic in such a scenario as most boarding facilities are usually equipped with the proper tools and trained staff to handle and prevent such cases. One way boarding care personnel prevent such a scenario is by trimming the toe nails using clippers. Keeping the toe nails short will prevent the canines from inflicting injuries on themselves by ripping off their toe nails either deliberately or accidentally. After all, prevention is better than cure.