Boarding Kennels Versus Home Boarding

Posted on: 22 February 2017

When you go away on holiday or even if you just need your dog looked after when you are away for a day, kennels can be the option most people choose. However, would your dog be happier in a daycare boarding facility? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Here's an overview to help you decide what would be best for your pet.

Boarding kennels

If you have a chilled-out dog that does not suffer from separation anxiety, then boarding kennels may be a good option. Kennels are usually easier to find space in, which is an important consideration if you have to book at short notice.

You will also be sure that your pet is kept confined for the duration of his stay so you don't have to worry about straying or fighting with other 'guests'. Although kennels don't provide one to one care, there will be someone around 24/7 and security in a proper boarding kennel is usually pretty good.

Although all dogs in a good boarding kennel will be vaccinated, there is still the risk that your dog could pick up fleas, ticks or kennel cough, leaving you with the hassle or sorting the problem out and paying for a vet bill.

Home boarding

Home boarding offers your pet a home from home environment where he will receive lots of attention and exercise. Although your dog will be confined at night, he should be able to run free during the day when he can socialise with other guests. This can be a great benefit if your dog enjoys playing with others, but less so if he is not the sociable type and prefers his own space and peace and quiet.

You may find it difficult to book your dog into a home boarding facility at short notice because this kind of operation does not generally cater for large numbers of dogs. Many home boarders don't offer overnight care, making this an unsuitable option for holidays.

A major issue for your peace of mind is that your dog may have too much freedom at a home boarder's and could stray. It's also likely that the proprietor will have to go out from time to time, leaving the home unsupervised and potentially less secure.

If you are going away on holiday and you need to sort out care for your dog, boarding kennels would probably be the best option if your pet is not easily stressed. For more information and guidance, have a chat with your local boarding kennel proprietor.